recomended attractions
The oldest pedunculate oak in Kashubia and a Teutonic Knights' border stone
On the outskirts of the village Krępkowice lies a Teutonic Knights' boundary stone, and nearby stands a mighty pedunculate oak known as Świętopełkowy. Its age is estimated to be around 650 years, although some historians are inclined to attribute even 1100 years to it. One thing is certain – it is the oldest oak in Kashubia. Despite its relatively small circumference, about 8 meters, it stands out with very thin growth rings due to growing on dry, barren, and sandy soil. Measuring about 20 meters, the oak looks magnificent especially in late spring and summer when its crown is entirely covered with an intense and dense layer of leaves. A marked educational and nature trail leads to this oak and to the nearby Brody Lake.
The year 1400 is taken as the beginning of construction of the church in Nowy Staw. The temple, with dimensions of 67 mx 29 m, is building a three-aisled basilica layout. Octagon-shaped presbytery has a rich stellar vault. In the years 1629-1635 during the reign of Brandenburg built the north tower. It is located on a room for bells with a height of 5.6 m, covered with a hipped roof. Already at the beginning of the twentieth century the South tower was repaired and a sacristy was added and the vestibule.
Arcade House in Nowa Cerkiew
The house built in 1820 by Peter Lange for Peter Conrad. It is a timber-framed wooden structure standing on a brick foundation. The overhang of the building is supported by 6 posts with a timber insert filled with bricks. Above them and around the building runs a band of profiled cornice. The entire house is richly decorated with numerous architectural details, and it is worth noting the door carpentry. The builder's signature is displayed on the lintel.
Cemetery of Eleven Villages
Collection of tombstones and other funerary forms from the 17th-19th century. It was created on the site of the former necropolis known as the cemetery of eleven villages.
Knights Castle in Skarszewy, erected in 1334
Tower of convicts is most impressive of the surviving bastions. As a corner tower, on the circle with a diameter of 10 m
It is a building of the eighteenth century, the city was rebuilt after fires in 1712 and 1714. Until 1945, there was a small clock tower city. The original town hall was probably in the center of the Market, but there are not any messages about its exact location.