Cultural region in Pomerania, located on the left bank of the Vistula River in the Wda and Wierzyca drainage basin... The area features hilly terrain with forest complexes, scenic river sections, and picturesque lakes. Kociewie is an extremely attractive tourist region, with Teutonic castles, historic towns, and industrial architecture monuments...
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Tower of convicts is most impressive of the surviving bastions. As a corner tower, on the circle with a diameter of 10 m
Building the first half of the eighteenth century. which kept barrel vaults in the basement. The name probably derives from the fact that provincial governors forced to office by the rights of the Pomeranian on specified days and times quartered in.
The surviving fragments of the foundations of the tower in the north-eastern corner of the image is about - 5 x 4 m
Church of the Św.Stanisława cubes. Gift by Prince Mestwina.Gotick building with an octagonal tower. The church was built by the end of the fourteenth century.
The first written mention of one of the oldest settlements in the Gdansk region dates back to 1198. In 1258, the governor of Gdansk founded a Cistercian monastery here. However, in Pogódki, there are two historic churches. The aforementioned Cistercian one, in a Baroque style, dedicated to St. Peter and St. Paul, dates from 1714, and in the nearby vicinity, there is an evangelical church from 1899. For several decades, Pogódki served as the capital and headquarters of the Cistercian Church, but in 1276, the monks moved their headquarters to Pelplin.In the vicinity of the "Cistercian" church, you can find the remains of a significant stronghold, which attests to the long history of the locality.It's worth visiting the nearby nature reserve called "Buczyna Pomorska," where a 150-year-old beech forest grows.Around the village, you can observe numerous glacial erratic boulders. Pogódki is a very picturesque place, and the most captivating view is the panorama of the village seen from the perspective of the Wierzyca valley.

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