Observation Tower in Gniewino - Kaszubskie Eye


Turistic-Recreational Complex "Kaszubskie Oko" is a facility established in 2006, offering a variety of attractions for tourists visiting the municipality of Gniewino. The architecture of the complex was designed in the shape of an eye, with its most important element being the "iris" in the form of a 44-meter-high Observation Tower. To see the upper reservoir of the Żarnowiec Hydroelectric Power Plant, Żarnowieckie Lake, an 18-windmill farm, or ships sailing on the Baltic Sea, all you need to do is climb 212 steps or take the elevator. The observation point is located at an altitude of approximately 150 meters above sea level. The tower itself has the shape of an hourglass with a central core, around which spiral stairs ascend. The base of the tower is a green mound with railings, inside of which are office spaces.

The recreational outdoor elements of "Kaszubskie Oko" include, above all, an 18-hole mini-golf course, a standard playground, and a "pirate ship" playground, walking areas, a barbecue area, and a chess field. The whole complex is complemented by a garden surrounding the tower with two water features in which fountains are placed. For both adults and children, the "Kaszubskie Oko" Restaurant and a small snack bar will surely catch your attention.