Żarnowieckie lake - ideal for sportsmen, anglers, naturalists.


Lake Żarowieckie (Kashubian Lake Pioszniccze) jezt glacial lake gutter, surrounded by a 100 meter long moraine hills, which on the west bank are covered by forests, and in the south of delight heather carpets. And what's interesting is the lake situated below sea level. Proclaims as one of the legends surrounding them, on the east bank of the castle once stood in August, which fell into the ground, hiding forever sleeping knights and beautiful princess who lived in it.

During the interwar znaazło lake on the border between Reczypospolitą II, and Germany and FOR IN many years was the only connecting element Nadloe (only Polish village on the western side of the lake). Nadolan crossing the lake to history - until now the tradition is dear to the yearly water and walking pilgrimage from Nadole to Żarnowiec at St. indulgence. Anna.

Żarnowiec Lake is a paradise for anglers and naturalists, underwater meadows, clusters of plants, deep water favor the abundance of fish, is one of the richest in the pike lakes in Poland. Surrounding the lake is a paradise for nature lovers. In the short distance from the lake there are 10 nature reserves, two protected landscape areas and 57 natural monuments.

Attraction for tourists and lovers of ornithology are the immediate surroundings of the lake called. mud around, lying within nature reserves and natural parks: Bielawa Mud, mud or Karwieńskie Wierzchucińskie mud. Walk in these areas is organized in educational paths that describe the unusual living plants and animals here. At the wetland site moxna cranes observed during the stop on a trip to Scandinavia.

Today the lake is the largest in the region of Northern Kashubia reservoir zone devoid of silence, it also has attracted over its brim water sports enthusiasts. One of the attractions is also a boat excursion "Nadolanin", or a fun-filled water ride one of two fast boats. An interesting attraction for motorsport enthusiasts will be beating the record of this type of boat speed during seasonal events. All of these units in the season moor at the marina in Nadlole.

type of lake - Gutter
area - 1432 ha
length and Header - 7.6 x 2.6 km
maximum depth - 19.4 m
River power - Bychowska Struga, Piaśnica
flowing river - Piaśnica