The Cliff in Trzęsacz - abrasion or the power of love...


Trzęsacz is famous for the ruins of a church built at the turn of the 14th and 15th centuries, situated in the middle of the village, about 2 kilometers away from the Baltic Sea shore. For centuries, the church was approaching the cliff "eaten away" by the sea. In 1874, it became clear that the church could not be saved, and the furnishings were moved to the cathedral in Kamień. In 1901, part of the church collapsed onto the beach.

"Abrazja - erosion process occurs on steep, rocky shores. It involves the undermining and weakening of high edges called cliffs by sea waves, tides, and ebbs. As a result, the cliff becomes fragmented and rounded."

The above is a purely scientific definition of the causes of the landslides in Trzęsacz. Much more interesting and colorful legends describe the reasons for the erosion of one of the most beautiful seaside cliffs in Pomerania. One of them is associated with the great love of two young people, here it is:

"In Trzęsacz, there lived a fisherman named Kaźko, who loved Ewka, a girl from the neighborhood. The boy died in battles with the Brandenburgians, and his beloved died of grief and was buried by the church. Since then, Kaźko, hidden in the waves of the turbulent sea, tries to reach her. The lovers are to be reunited for eternity when the cliff with the last part of the church collapses into the waters of the Baltic."

It is unknown whether the legend will ever come true. You can still admire the western wall of the Gothic church, and the cliff and shore are constantly fortified by the Maritime Office in Szczecin to prevent further abrasion by storm waves – such are the twists of fate :). A beautiful viewing platform leads to the beach in this place.

The second legend associated with the Church in Trzęsacz is related to the obstinacy of people and tells the story of the daughter of the sea king:

"Centuries ago, fishermen caught the daughter of the sea king. The unfortunate girl died in captivity and was buried in the church cemetery. The desperate father decided to reclaim his child and year after year, he took another piece of land from the village until he reached the church and took his daughter's grave to the depths of the Baltic."

We recommend visiting this one of the most beautiful and romantic scenic spots in Poland.