The building project Bauhaus Walter Gropius


It is worth noting at this building, now the headquarters of the bank. It is an example of a modern rationalist direction, designed by architects from the Bauhaus school of Walter Gropius. Low, two-story, stucco building was founded on a plan similar to a square with a small one-story annex on the west. He had a simple, geometrical and functionalism, and the predominance of horizontal lines resulting from the very essence of a rectangular structure, with wide windows on the ground floor pasmowymi. Kind of compromise to the tradition was broken with a short ridge roof. Important for the whole solution was also the location of the object - a little set back from the street line, located on the river, pursued the principle of integrity and interaction of the inner space, closed surfaces of walls, with the environment - outer space.

Bauhaus - art school founded in Weimar, a combination of the Academy of Fine Arts and the School of Arts and Crafts in 1919, later working in Dessau and Berlin. Operated until 1934, was founded by Walter Gropius]. Bauhaus term is also used commonly or loosely as a name created by her architectural direction, one of the factions of modernism.