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Calvary of Wejherowo






Wejherowo Calvary is one of the most important religious sites in Pomerania, the third most seniority calves in Poland (Zebrzydowska and Pakowski).

Called "Kashubian Jerusalem" three hundred years visitors every year during the three pilgrims from all over indulgences Kashubia - from Kościerzyna, Kartuzy, Luzin, Puck and Hel Peninsula.

Jacub Wejher governor Malbork realizing the promise made to God for saving his life during the siege of Belarus was founded and started the construction of Calvary, and completed the construction of her relatives and heirs of the founder.

Construction began in 1649, all the assumptions laid out on four hills springing up south of the city, called the Mount of Olives, Golgotha​​, Zion. According to local transmission of the chapels, each topped with a handful of earth brought from Jerusalem, and the distances between them correspond to stages of the martyr's path that Christ has come.

Calvary care taken over by Franciscans, with the exception of the period when their convent was liquidated Wejherowo. Patrons of the sacred mountains of the city were even Keyserling's Protestants.

Initiative in the eighteenth and nineteenth century, renovated part of the chapels. Further safety work was carried out in the mid-twentieth century, however, only due to the high EU grant, awarded under the project "Preservation and Heritage Pomeranian making through the creation of Cultural Park in Wejherowo" in the years 2006 -2008 Calvary made ​​a complete renovation. The Calvary comprises 25 chapels and vital gateway.